file3931256601546Just in the last month, there have been 4 salmonella recalls in the US in human food: red onions, shrimp, cheese dip, and peaches. In the onion and peach recalls, humans are sick and hospitalized.  The timing for a joint effort to reduce Salmonella in the food supply is excellent.

In an announcement last week, the USDA, FDA and CDC are making joint effort to address Salmonella in foods in the United States. While our focus as pet food manufacturers is, of course, on pet food, these agencies will be looking across the human and animal food industries in totality. It is the latter segment which concerns our members: animal food. Animal food is not just pet food, but also includes that feed given to livestock – livestock which then is sourced for human or fresh pet food and has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella in part due to feed contamination.

This is a public virtual meeting scheduled for September 22 from 9-315 edt. Click here to register – registration is required for participation. Next Gen PFMA has already signed up on our members’ behalf.

Additionally, there will be opportunity to file an official comment. Please contact us ( to be involved in drafting a statement.

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