PA281186The administrative law judge in Colorado filed his report on Friday November 8, 2019. His decision was immediately picked up for review by the commissioner before the ink even had time to dry.

What does this mean?

This is like when the FDA takes sample of pet food and gets a presumptive positive but has to run a confirmatory test. Because the presumptive positive maybe a false positive. Results are not confirmed until further tests are run. This first ruling is the presumptive positive; the commissioner’s review provides the confirmatory result.

That’s where we are.

The administrative law judge has ruled that zero tolerance is not what the law says. This is a win!

There is no scientific source of information to determine how much bacteria is a risk. There were no illnesses associated with the Answers product in question. No one was sick.

The commissioner has 30 days to review the opinion of the administrative law judge.

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