Since forming Next Gen PFMA, it has been very encouraging to realize that state regulators consider our members to be the innovators, at the cutting-edge of the pet food industry.  With that innovation, of course, come new combinations of ingredients designed to benefit dogs and cats through great nutrition.
This innovation brings with it a certain legal risk for pet food manufacturers who may be including ingredients common human food ingredients in their products. There are certain food items that are specifically being targeted for exclusion from pet food, namely hemp products. The FDA has not determined how to handle these ingredients. Accordingly, state regulators do not know what to do either.
The good news is that a working group was formed in January to discuss specifically how to handle these products. Next Gen PFMA members will learn confidential updates as the discussions progress.
Until a consensus is reached among regulators, however, members wanting to use human super foods that are not specifically defined in the AAFCO Official Publication may want to discuss ingredient options either directly with their state regulators, or indirectly and anonymously through Next Gen PFMA. That’s what we’re here for! As your representative, we get to ask your specific question, without revealing who’s asking…  keeping the bull’s-eye off your back.
What if the ingredient is not defined? Next Gen PFMA will help you do the paperwork to get approval, of course.

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