The short story: the problem is that we are fighting 50 years of training. The competition is way ahead of us. They have inundated the marketplace with the concept that “people food is not healthy”, that “responsible pet owners feed pet food”.
We now have three generations of people who have heard nothing but “people food is not healthy – you have to feed pet food“.
At first glance, all of this pre-fabricated “information“ seems insurmountable; however, there’s a reason why our (Next Gen PFMA) pet food manufacturers are quite successful.
Ultimately, people have been told a story that doesn’t sit well with them. When you put it in plain terms and ask somebody why the chicken and green beans on their plate isn’t healthy for their dog or cat, the pet owner really cannot provide an answer. Because real chicken and green beans is healthy.
The problem is we are fighting 50 years of “re-education.“
However, the same way this platform of half truths was built, it can be broken down. Through education. With full truths. The key is unity and consistency.
When all manufacturers of real pet food carry the same message, we will whittle away at this 50 year-old problem. Rather than sell half truths, the public will be informed of the full truth – what is healthy for humans, with certain exceptions, is also healthy for animals.
Making our intentions public reiterates that we tell the truth. It’s not necessary to keep our plan a secret. Truth has no place being kept secret.
The answer: no matter how a company manufactures real food (abiding by all aspects of federal law), it is still real food. Real food is healthy.
Repetition is key – the message will be heard, especially when all manufacturers of real food repeat that message. It won’t take us 50 years.

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