This trade association has been in operation five years – the Board of Directors knows why we are here – after all, we set up the association.

Truthfully, we’ve not done the best job at communicating our purpose to our wonderful, loyal, patient members – let alone potential members.

Here it is, our purpose (as determined by our members):

“Next Gen PFMA serves its members by advocating for better nutritional choices for pets and their owners by supporting companies that (a) produce and/or sell pet food that is biologically appropriate, (b) employ Good Manufacturing Practices and  (c) operate in an ethical and responsible manner.”

We do this through:

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Providing a Forum for members

Since many of our members have not been party to these actions, the Next Gen PFMA Board of Directors would like to invite any current, dues paying member who wishes to help formalize how these actions will occur, to join the Next Gen PFMA Steering Committee.

Requirements for participation:

  • Active, current membership
  • Interest in working with fellow fresh pet food manufacturers to steer the trade association to best help its members.

Please email by 6/22/2022 if you wish to join or have questions. The first meeting is 6/30/22.

(Not a member but wish to participate? You can join here.)

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