The discussion over so-called minor edits to the definition of human-grade pet food had potential to end poorly. The risk existed the Pet Food Committee (PFC) would blindly accept the proposal to “simply” remove the word “edible” from the human grade pet food (HGPF) discussion.
The conversation started with a stage setting question: was it the intention of the PFC to have HGPF made under USDA inspection. Very adroit question as that was not the PFC’s intention. However, it clearly was not the intent that HGPF be made without meeting the CONDITIONS of meat manufactured in a USDA facility.
As the discussion prepared to get heated, time ran out; the good news is nothing was decided and there will be a new working group. You can bet Next Gen PFMA will be present for each of those meetings.
What this means is for those who are members of Next Gen PFMA, you will receive confidential updates after every working group meeting. For those who are not members, when the working group presents their recommendations to the PFC at public meetings, you will find out the updates – meaning after the fact.
Want to be actively involved? It’s time to join Next Gen PFMA before your business is driven out of business by Big Pet Food.

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