One advantage for members of Next Gen PFMA is early notice of regulatory discussions. For the last 9 months, I have participated in several committees working to update pet food label regulations in accordance with FSMA requirements. Today, Next Gen PFMA members were informed of a confidential draft of proposed changes to the pet food label. However, because this is confidential information, if will not be shared with non-members, nor publicly. If you feel your pet food company needs this information, you are encouraged to join Next Gen PFMA and receive the same great benefits as other exceptional pet food companies.
Meanwhile, Next Gen PFMA members will have the opportunity to provide feedback through the trade association at the mid -year AAFCO meeting starting January 21st 2018.
This advance opportunity allows members to prepare for future changes that may be expected on their labels. If/when approved, the updated language will be expected to become official with the 2019 AAFCO Official Publication. As a reminder, these changes are being driven by FSMA; every state in the Union will be required to update their laws to comply. This is AAFCO’s attempt to be proactive and provide guidance to states wishing to adopt the AAFCO model regulation.
Other pet food companies, through their trade associations, are also being made aware of these proposed changes right now. For those who are not yet members of Next Gen PFMA, it’s not too late to join, be informed, and have a voice (at substantially less cost than membership in those “other” trade associations!).

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