c22a51eed7c40b6457eccac5e4831075Regulations are now fully updated to include specifics for large size dogs and puppies. Because these dogs have different calcium/phosphorus needs than the average size dog, regulations have had to change to reflect current knowledge (now a decade old).

This has been in the works since 2014; which was, ironically, my first AAFCO meeting.

Learning the AAFCO process has been an interesting education. Following this topic over the last 6 years has really clarified the regulatory process.

Now, in 2020, we have language changes to guide manufacturers to properly to provide products specific for the large size dog. The language should be completely established in the Official Publication by the new book in 2021. This is when manufacturers will be expected to fully comply (although most already are complying).

The changes cover feeding protocols and life stage/body size claims. If you have questions about those changes, contact your representative at support@ngpfma.org.

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