Some of you may be wondering what became of the “Saving Raw” conference call. Never fear, many discussions based on the original discussion have been going on behind the scenes! This post is a compilation of the updates and progress by Next Gen PFMA to date and pertains to all members, not just those who manufacture raw pet food products.
Your bottom line really answers the question of how best to proceed: how are your sales? Are you still growing? Is your company growing as rapidly as a year ago, before the aggressive pet food recall campaign? If the answer is yes, then do not change anything in your manufacturing process. (There are a few suggestions for operational changes below.)
Those who are successful are attacked.
If you weren’t successful, the industry wouldn’t be under fire! Each and every one of the Next Gen PFMA members are successful, thus they either have or will come under fire. Almost like a rite of passage, being attacked is a sign of success – it means the competition is losing ground and they don’t like it.
On an individual basis, this means each manufacturer needs to keep doing exactly what they have been doing. Being attacked, or seeing others under attack, creates a fear factor; that factor suggests a need to change your process – that’s what “they” want. Instead, change nothing. (Obviously, continue due diligence to minimize pathogens.) As an industry, the effort should be spent making it easier for all manufacturers of real food to deliver their product.
Next Gen PFMA’s role is to represents pet food and treat manufacturers who use food ingredients as defined by 21 USC 321(f) and do not violate 21 USC 342(a)(5) with adulterants. Our members use real ingredients and their foods look like food.
Specifically, how Next Gen PFMA will helps its members:
Provide a forum to connect members with content creators to get the word out on a broader scale than now. (A program is in the works – more information coming – be ready for an event members won’t want to miss this October 2018.) This platform will grow, with guidance from Next Gen PFMA; the voice of all healthy pet foods will be heard!
Publish a no-nonsense FSMA planning checklist for members. Full compliance is due September 2019. This checklist will make sure you are ready and in compliance (and will help deal with those pesky pathogens).
Continue representing member manufacturers at AAFCO – while many don’t realize immediate benefits from this representation, the conventional pet food industry is actively involved in changing laws to their benefit; until now, your needs have not been represented. We’ve played pivotal roles in the human-grade pet food process, and labeling changes in response to FSMA mandates.
Successful fear tactics create negative behaviors; rising above and maintaining the enthusiasm that brought you to make real pet food creates winning behavior. You’re successful due to your knowledge and expertise. Focus your efforts to educate. Attend the aforementioned event (more information will be forthcoming). Applaud your competitors when they succeed. Create new partnering platforms. Win!
What issues are other agencies handling?
Pointed targeting of “problem” conventional foods.
Scrutiny of agencies to ensure the law is followed.
State by state lobbying.
Because your goal is to grow – focus your efforts on growth. Change nothing except your outlook – attack means success. To truly succeed – stay above “the others”, speak only positives, educate, grow. You deserve it.

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