It’s a weird thing that when a business or individual is successful that business or individual is attacked.
In a recent article, a reporter discussed 92 cases of human infection with Salmonella infantis in the United States since January 2018. Through either sloppy writing skills, or intentionally deceptive language, the reporter implies that a dog infected with Salmonella infantis, allegedly from eating a raw pet food which was recalled in March 2018, is the cause of all of these human illnesses. Any reader with half a brain knows that the reporter is intentionally jumbling facts to make it look like a pet food and subsequently infected dog are responsible for a nationally distributed bacterial infection, rather than blame the source – the meat producer who sold the product to the human and pet food chains. Not only is the manufacturer displeased with the article, but so are many in the industry.
However, viewed from another perspective, one can consider this as a compliment. It’s a compliment because the reporter clearly wishes the manufacturer weren’t still in business, yet the company is thriving.
So whether the alleged dog has a pretty amazing tongue – having licked 92 people and caused illness in them all, all over the country – or facts are being intentionally twisted. Take the compliment. News must be slow. Apparently the copious human food recalls aren’t enough to keep the reporter busy (there have been 45 food recalls in just October 2018); or, perhaps her preference is to drag up old news.
(I’ve intentionally not listed the link – the extra clicks to the original article will give a false impression to the publisher that it’s a worthwhile article. It’s not.)

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