file4721298817294In one of the last posts, I presented a timeline related to the court cases. At the writing of that post, all parties in the Lystn LLC vs FDA, AAFCO, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture lawsuits, as well as the interveners, were to meet with the magistrate judge today, November 12, 2019.

Things have changed. In the last month, all parties on all sides have been making motions and presenting their cases to the judge. Ultimately, really, not surprisingly, the sides cannot come to agreement on something as “small” as how case management will proceed. Not even when to have the hearing before the Circuit Judge!

As a result, Magistrate Judge Mix canceled the November 12 hearing. Her Honor has decided to handle this correspondence through other methods.

What is next? There are some deadlines of paperwork to be to the court by this Friday, November 15. As soon as we know anything official, you will know.

As for an update on the case at the state level: the judge stated he had 60 days to make his ruling. We are about half-way to that 60 days. Clearly, he is taking this case very seriously.

Looking forward to representing you through this landmark case.

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