As many of you know, in my “former life,” I ran an active holistic veterinary clinic with two locations.  As a practicing veterinarian, I had every modality available to me.

  • Surgery
  • Spinal Manipulation (animal chiropractic)
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • And more.

But, I treated nearly 80% of the conditions I saw with nutrition.   It led me to create a cookbook, and then a second edition of the  cookbook.   I BELIEVE in nutrition.
The further I got into the “food therapy” model of veterinary care, I learned that  it is YOU — the nutritionally defensible pet food manufacturers — who are the real heroes of the pet world.
This is because pet parents are busy.  Their lifestyle needs convenient, but their heart — and their pet — needs nutritious.   YOU stand in this gap, providing products that are both.
That’s WHY I’m so committed to Next Gen, to you and to making sure the labeling regulations work FOR US… and for our customers.  As we tackle labeling and compliance issues, we want to be sure YOU are able to speak to the pet parent who is ACTIVELY looking — and willing to pay — for nutritionally defensible food.
Bottom line: We have your back, and appreciate all you do every day to give pet parents additional — more nutritious — options.

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