There is no doubt that changes in how we label our products are on the way.  Once the FDA approves labeling updates, AAFCO will modify their model bill and  every state in the country will have to update their pet food laws. For some states, radical changes will occur, because there are a few states that have not updated their pet food laws since the 1990’s.
NextGen’s involvement during the planning stages of this process not only provides information regarding what’s coming down the pike for all of us — allowing us extra time to plan — but also allows members to be involved in the discussions… to help shape what’s coming.
Next Gen PFMA members — as well as members of other, larger, more expensive, and non-nutritionally defensible pet food ingredient trade associations — know if these proposals will be harmful to their future business arrangements, and are able to provide input during this critical season in the world of Pet Food Manufacturing.
Membership not only gives safety in numbers and buying power, but gives knowledge to allow pre-planning and better business decisions based on what we know is coming.

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