For some it’s the start of a new fiscal year thus business planning and annual budgets – our manufacturers plan for 40% annual growth. Thus planning means renewing contracts and ensuring sourcing of quality raw ingredients.
For Next Gen PFMA it means another AAFCO meeting. This meeting promised to be exciting with discussions ranging from “minor” edits to the definition of human- grade or food to formation of a working group to discuss terminology of “villain” pet food ingredients.
For the FDA, January 2018 meant government shutdown and a total inability to be present at AAFCO. The DFM Workgroup (direct fed microbial) was be unable to meet, again. But, on a larger, more important scale, it was expected AAFCO would not make any definitive decisions. This worked in our favor – AAFCO regulators will have more time to fully think about all sides of issues.
And for raw pet food manufacturers, January means the New Mexico Department of Agriculture is probably conducting another “random” raw pet food surveillance – are you ready?
Should you get a call regarding presumptive presence of pathogens in your food – Next Gen PFMA is here to guide you through the process and ensure that your company only issues a recall if it is truly appropriate.
Hoping your regulatory phone stays quiet while the consumer demand phone line ring off the hook.

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