As I look forward to representing our members at another AAFCO meeting in just under a week, there’s something of HUGE importance on the agenda. You can check out the official agenda here.
To be honest, at first glance, when I heard the proposed changes in the definition of “human grade, ” I wasn’t overly alarmed. But upon further inspection, I realized WHY it was being proposed and HOW it will affect the truly integrous pet food manufacturers like OUR members.
The proposed change (located on page 4 of the document on the Feed BIN) involves taking out the word “edible” when referring to human-grade food.   Not a HUGE deal until I realized removing the word “edible” also removed the inspection burden of the term “human grade.”
This means that any one can slap the words “human grade” on their labeling without having that claim stand up to an inspection.  Ultimately, this takes away YOUR best efforts (of actually providing EDIBLE human grade food products for pets) of NO marketable advantage because it will be able to be used by anyone.
This is similar to reducing the “human grade” term to what the term “natural” has become, which is untrustworthy and without true advantage.
Don’t worry, of course… we’re on it and will keep you posted. If you’ll be at the AAFCO meeting next week, message me so we can grab a coffee together in person.

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