History is full of examples of violent interactions. War, violence, aggression – these are all synonymous for a situation that engenders winners and losers.
There are some excellent examples of nonviolent struggles in history. These non-violent conflicts have intended to educate the public, political officials, legislators, and regulators about equality, injustice and the difference between right and wrong.
In the pet food arena, what is right is that there are laws to protect people and animals from harmful ingredients in the food supply. What is wrong is that these laws are focused on 98% of the market place; ignoring the 2% of alternatively produced safe pet food manufacturing methods. (This is like the inequity discussed with the Occupy Wall Street movement.)
Through nonviolence, nonaggression, and education, Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association intends to bring forth a change in how people think about pet food – just as Martin Luther King Junior, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela brought about change in how people thought about slavery.  Change does not come easily through confrontation and aggression. Change comes from negotiation, education, and relationship building.
The pet food industry has two choices: we can have an “us or them” mentality, or we can have a “there’s enough room for everyone and let’s make it equitable” perspective.
Regardless of the side of the issue, the “us or them” view diverts resources from what pet food manufacturers really want to do – make pet food. Instead, a peaceful movement designed to educate the public, regulators, legislators and political officials will move like a game of chess – slowly, methodically, but triumphantly toward a marketplace that embraces the existence of the 2% of pet food companies – and their ingredients and HACCP processes.
If you are not yet a member, now is the time to join Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association – be a part of the movement!

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