67c31beedfa941331a06777bdcbd44a6Early in March 2020, the FDA assured pet food manufacturers that raw materials were still available, and would continue to be available, for pet food manufacture. Concurrently, the FDA declared the pet food industry was a “vital” industry and the regulators would not perform routine inspections during this time of national crisis. We were skeptical.

Fast forward to August 2020 and while there is still a national emergency, the transportation system is sometimes slow delivering product, some raw materials are a challenge to obtain at pre-coronavirus prices, we find that at least one state has contacted pet food manufacturers to resume “routine” inspections.

Hard to believe in a time when coronavirus is still affecting operations, when manufacturer employees still have at risk family members at home, that some regulators actually want to enter facilities for routine purposes. (We were alerted anonymously by a manufacturer.) Shocking, in truth!

Early in March, we suggested manufacturers draft policies pertaining specifically to coronavirus, and, more generally, to state of national emergency.

Have you done it?

Are you willing to risk your business?

Are you willing to risk your health, the health of at risk family members at home?

Need help drafting those policies?

We have specific pertinent/procedures outlined. Let me know – contact support@ngpfma.org.

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