What happened: On April 20, 2019 dozens of retailers, manufacturers, citizens and concerned individuals joined together at the Pet Food Justice symposium supporting raw pet milk in Raritan, New Jersey.
Results: evidence was presented documenting the health benefits of raw milk for many species. The evidence further demonstrated pasteurization does not provide health benefits and may create a false sense of security or safety.
Further evidence was presented regarding milk laws, food safety, and food/feed laws.
Anecdotally, we have reports that the New Jersey Department of Health is no longer it’s enforcing it stop sale of raw pet milk products in New Jersey. Legally, our attorney is still awaiting response from the legal departments in New Jersey – the Attorney General’s office, the Department of Health, and the Department of Agriculture.
Next steps: due to lack of legal progress, it’s time for the public to increase pressure on the DOH. We recommend all concerned parties call the NJ DOH. Each retailer should call both the state DOH and their local, county DOH. The distributors should call the state DOH. Citizens should call the local DOH in the county in which they reside/shop, as well as the state office.
Furthermore, membership in this trade association brings strength to retailers, distributors and manufacturers alike. We are all working together in this. Retailers, please join here.
The information for your calls:
In New Jersey, under Title 2A, Article 156A, one party consent is sufficient permission for telephone recordings. As you are making the call, you give consent. The purpose of the recording is simply to provide future evidence to substantiate your case. How to record a call is described below.
For consumers and retailers, please ask both departments of health if they plan to continue the stop sale of raw pet milk sold at pet stores in New Jersey. Document by recording and thank them for their time.
Distributors: please ask the DOH if they intend to enforce the stop distribution order. If the response is “not at this time”, please ask for that in writing. However, the recording will suffice. Even if you don’t get it in writing, you have it verbally. Let’s reopen distribution of raw milk for pets in New Jersey.
Pertinent sections of the law:

  • Title 24 Sections 10:57.18-18 – cited – human food law prohibiting sale and distribution of raw milk in New Jersey.
  • Title 4:4-20.3.t – “Pet food” is defined as commercial feed prepared and distributed for consumption by pets
  • Title 24:3-3 provides for reimbursement of property seized
  • Title 24:4-1 provides for confiscation of product only after summary proceeding.

There are a few different ways to record a phone call:

  1. A recording device
  2. Use two cell phones. Put the cell phone on which you are making your call on speaker. Use Voice Memos on the other cell phone to record all discussions.
  3. There are numerous apps for a cell phones, such as TapeACall, that can easily help with recording conversations.

Note: the purpose of these recordings is not for entrapment. Our intention is never to be unethical. We simply want documentation so that when we resume customary business, we have verbal permission to do so.

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