A preliminary report is generated from an initial screening of a large batch of pet food. A positive preliminary report is not final, but it is an indication that further investigation on all sides is needed.
Would you know what to do with this?  Would you know the next steps you need to take ASAP? Join Next Gen PFMA and contact us to find out.
Because it’s not a matter of if they knock on your door, but when, even a very small pet food company will want to have procedures in place so that when they come knocking, your business is confident, informed and prepared.
While very small companies can still choose to opt out of FSMA, it is definitely not recommended to do so.  These companies — opting out of their prescribed FSMA regulations —  will be targeted for investigation.
There are certain state regulators who have a personal mission to make real pet food conform to the same standards as kibble.  Of course, this is like trying to make an apple be an orange, but that doesn’t matter to those who could — if they choose — make business difficult for you.
So, make sure you’re ready… prepared, informed, and confident when this day comes.  Join Next Gen PFMA to ensure your business is prepared.

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