I realize business planning is a love/hate thing. Writing a business plan is very useful in directing the execution of business, while it is incredibly tedious in the details of its creation.  But, my question to you is this:  Do you HAVE a 5-year plan?  

 If you don’t, how can I help you get one started? 

If you do,  is it written down, concrete, and measurable?  Or is it loosely defined with the intention of staying in business and continuing to grow?

 Your 5-Year plan should be a guide.  It should be clear enough to help direct the decisions you’re making on a day to day basis.  Even if your five-year plan includes an exit strategy, getting it in writing and ensures buy-in by your whole organization.

 Similar to our manufacturers, Next Gen PFMA has a five-year plan and has completed its business plan to formalize its future efforts.  In five years, we expect to attain the same power as PFI and AFIA, two premiere leaders in the pet food trade association field, but representing only the BEST manufacturers: like you. 

 As an aside, our business plan is available upon request, especially for those who just aren’t quite sure about joining or who may want to use it as an example to template to write their own.

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