c0481846-wuhan_novel_coronavirus_illustration-splWhether or not you believe the hype associated with the 2019/20 Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, your customers are concerned to varying levels themselves.

What measures do you have in place? How will you reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission? How will you continue to guarantee the quality and supply of your product/their pet food?

Our members, because they use real food ingredients, are not using questionable ingredients that could transmit this virus. By contrast, “conventional” pet foods, those that contain rendered ingredients, cannot make this guarantee.

Sadly, the moniker, “if I can find it, I can grind it” does not protect the food supply; this moniker is a direct quote from the world’s largest rendered ingredients manufacturer. Rendered ingredients which supply to the majority of the conventional pet food industry.

Hygienic practices are codified in all pet food establishments, as dictated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This opportunity is a perfect time to communicate your practices to your customers to maintain great communication. Communication is the key to your continued success.

How do you continue to protect the pets who thrive on your food?

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