242cb0628b233a2379a50cba7fd14b56As you hopefully know, I represent our manufacturers on numerous AAFCO work groups and volunteer to help with more workgroups all the time. In fact, earlier this year, I successfully chaired a workgroup to clean up one section of the AAFCO Official Publication (the OP, as it’s called). Our workgroup received numerous accolades for our work, demonstrating industry’s ability to work with regulators and make a better OP for us all.

As the only trade association that represents fresh pet food manufacturers it’s my duty to represent you wherever it may be appropriate. This does mean participating on many workgroups. In fact, prior to the August 2019 AAFCO meeting, we (AAFCO) were quite active. It was not uncommon to have 2-3 AAFCO work group meetings in one week.

That has all changed. Since August 2019, several workgroups have not met at all. Initially, I had attributed it to the regulators being busy and getting organized and that we’d be meeting soon. But now I’m not so sure.

None of my work groups have met. Two workgroups were supposed to meet in the last week – both were cancelled. These cancellations coincided with Next Gen PFMA filing its Motion to Intervene on behalf of its members in the Answers Pet Food lawsuit against the FDA.

This could be an unfortunate coincidence. In fact, I have been looking forward to resuming these critical conversations and representing our members.

It’s too bad because we were working on some important issues including finalizing the language for Human Grade certification through the USDA/AMS and updating pet food labels.

Perhaps this is just coincidence.

Unfortunately, circumstances are that I have no update for you this week.

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