The Ingredients Definition Committee met this evening.

Here’s an example of what they discussed:
They want to approve a definition for zinc hydroxychloride as a feed additive to provide zinc, a required mineral, to livestock. The definition includes acceptable levels of heavy metals. Seriously, acceptable levels NOT equal to zero! These heavy metals include lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic and mercury!
Their argument is this is a low level feed additive so that the true level of the heavy metals in the feed is much lower than the published level of the pure additive. My argument as a veterinarian, an epidemiologist, and a mother is these metals are not tolerable at all.
When my daughter blood tested positive for lead and her pediatrician said it was low, I was irate that it was not zero. If cattle are fed lead and arsenic, these metals do not leave their body, instead, it builds up. Then we, our children, and/or our dogs and cats eat these meats. After repeatedly eating these meats, we all have buildup of these metals. One member of the board said this is fine – we can just provide a chemical to remove (chelate) the heavy metals from our bodies. Did you follow that?!? He said it’s ok, we can just take another chemical to remove the ones that we didn’t want in the first place.Which implies then that someone got sick, was properly diagnosed as heavy metal toxicity, then treated. Really! You can’t make this up!
If this spurs you to go to another internet page and tell someone you don’t like it, click here to find your state representative and send an email. And, if you are feeling really wordy, cut and paste and send an email to the All you need to say is “I don’t agree with the AAFCO definition of zinc hydroxychloride.”
More fun – after the committee meeting was done, Jon Nelson, the representative for minerals in feed, educated me about dilution factors. My point was the consumer doesn’t want lead in their pet’s food. He said the consumer is “stupid,” and “won’t ever find out.” I told him my followers would know. His only recourse was to tell me my hair was dull and dry and I must be a vegetarian! You can’t make this up!! Really!!
Tomorrow – the Pet Food Committee.

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