A subcommittee of our membership, as well as the Board of Directors, has voted to create a Legal Defense Fund (LDF). As manufacturers of fresh food, our members are at higher risk of legal sanction as they are on the FDA’s radar.

The LDF is for every one of our manufacturers should a legal situation arise. We have on the team a national legal firm ready to help. (As of this writing, we’ve already had to call in help for one of our members – to great success!)

Here’s all the info:

Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association

 Legal Defense Fund

TERMS:                     Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association hereinafter referred to as “NGPFMA” or “NextGen”

Legal Defense Fund hereinafter referred to as “LDF”

PURPOSE:                The primary purpose of the NextGen LDF is to provide both offensive and defensive legal support to help association members prepare for and face regulatory challenges for which there is a common interest among the membership as a whole.

GOAL:                        Initially, the fund should be focused offensively on issues related to FDA’s promulgation of a zero-tolerance standard for pathogens in pet foods based on their guidance documents, standards which are inconsistent with actual regulations. At such time as our association and/or our members must defend our collective interests, the fund will be redirected towards that legal defense.

The NextGen LDF should be used for the following:

  • To conduct legal research and analysis which establishes a basis for advancing the NGPFMA’s position, and to make that available to members in advance
  • To have an attorney available for consultation with members
  • To file amicus briefs and similar legal documents on behalf of the organization in the event of litigation involving a member
  • To file suit against regulators in the name of NGPFMA on behalf of member companies, as appropriate

FUNDING:               An allocated percentage of Membership Dues will be appropriated to fund the NextGen LDF.

2021 allocation is planned at 25% of Membership Dues collected.



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