OUR PURPOSE: “Next Gen PFMA serves its members by advocating for better nutritional choices for pets and their owners and by supporting companies that (a) produce and/or sell pet food that is biologically appropriate, (b) employ Good Manufacturing Practices and (c) operate in an ethical and responsible manner.”

Premium Membership

The Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association was created to represent the pet food and treat manufacturers who use ingredients which meet the 21 USC 321 definition of food to create pet food without adulterants, as defined by 21 USC 342.

Our mission is to promote and support these pet food manufacturers so our members may maintain business transparency, communicate openly with their customers and prosper financially.

Next Gen will also work actively to enhance favorable business environs for its members while navigating international, federal and state regulations and legislation.

YES!!! I want to become a Premium member of Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association. To pay up front for one calendar year join below.

YES!!! I want to become a Premium member of Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association. To pay MONTHLY, $250 per month, click here.

premium membership

Help Us Advocate for the Next Generation Pet Food!

Premium Member Benefits

Our Premium members help set our agenda and benefit from all silver member benefits, including:

Representation at AAFCO

When we show up “en masse” under the flag of an official and organized association, the powers that be will take notice. We will be there asking for ingredient definitions, and advocating for changes to ingredient definitions. We go in prepared, having gathered appropriate and compelling scientific support to bolster our requests.

**Our premium members meet with Next Gen leadership quarterly to be sure their concerns are heard and are worked into our united agenda. Our agenda as an association — with your direct input — is put into action, not just at AAFCO meetings, but also in every work meeting, every phone conversation, every lobbying event we attend on your behalf.**

Safety in Numbers

You may be singled out by regulatory agencies — as several of our members have — but our members will never again stand alone. Using our collective resources, connections AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY experience dealing with these regulatory agencies, we will help you navigate AND FIGHT situations including — but not limited to — recall demands.

Buying Power

As a collective group we will have more buying power — with packers, for example — than we have independently.

Relational Equity

Our association — and each of our members — may be a bit of an outsider and may even be considered a bit of a rebel bucking the status quo. For this reason, it is even more crucial to build relationships with those people, leaders and organizations already in place. We’ll be constantly developing these relationships so we have them in place when we need them.

Grassroots Lobbying In Congress

it was Congress who created the FDA to oversee food for public safety. We’ll be actively educating them… so they know that there are multiple ways — other than extreme rendering— to create safe pet food. With education, we’ll slowly turn the tide in our favor.

PLUS: Unlimited Crisis Management Consults

Even in the first year of this association, we’ve had the privilege of helping several of our members respond to recall notices and successfully avoid unlawful recalls, saving them millions of dollars. We want to be the first place you contact when you get a notice about a potential recall or any potential crisis situation including — but not limited to:

  • Recall notices
  • FSMA compliance
  • State Department of Agriculture, Health Department or FDA showing up at your door.

So, if these things are important to you… if you don’t want to continue to do business and navigate regulations as a “lone ranger,” join us.

We’re actively setting up systems so that your membership fee can be paid in monthly installments, allowing your membership benefits to begin immediately but your payments to be spread out. We’re doing all we can to increase OUR numbers, so that YOU are BETTER represented.

If you haven’t already done so, contact us to join Next Gen. If you know another business that needs what we’re offering, send them my way.

We’re ready. We’re united. We’re determined. And we’re going to change our industry… together.

Please note that your annual membership will be active as soon as payment is made and application (sent upon completion of payment) is sent. And, of course, welcome! Together, we’ll make a difference for our members, for our businesses and for our pets.

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