Last year,  with the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we were notified that the FDA would suspend inspections into food and pet food facilities as feeding our nation was a priority.

Recently, however, showing a (not surprising) lack of communication and/or transparency, even though the nation’s (world’s) crisis has not ended, the FDA has resumed its inspections of food and pet food facilities. Based on after actions reports from several of our members, it seems like the FDA has spent the last year planning and fine-tuning its ongoing strategy to tackle fresh and raw pet food manufacturers.

But no manufacturer — particularly those producing nutritionally defensible pet food — need be discouraged.

Similarly, we at Next Gen PFMA have spent the last year preparing for  the FDA to return to business as usual. Our current, paid in full, members have access to inspection procedures drafted by the Readiness Response work group.  It details everything you need to know, including:

  • what to say when you are being inspected;
  • what questions to ask, what rights to state  and defend,
    • all depending on very specific  situations
  • how to deal with the various   media categories during a potential recall
  • a play by play on what to say, do, ask, and demand… depending on specific circumstances and agencies
  • and  so much more.

The question is:  Are you prepared?
Do you have your protocols in place?
We can help.
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