Our members are passionately committed to providing pet parents with pet food options that go beyond what is typically represented on the grocery aisle.

Among our diverse roster of members:

  • 50% make a human grade pet food
  • 52% make a raw pet food
  • 52% make a cooked food for pets
  • 26% sell via mail order
  • 13% are direct-to-consumer delivery
  • 35% are regional companies
  • 65% are national companies
  • 8% make a dehydrated pet food
  • 8% make freeze dried pet food
  • Growing membership of small, independent retailers who carry and support these manufacturers.

Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturing Association was created to come alongside the 2% of smaller pet food manufacturers who are using only real food ingredients . . . those who have previously navigated regulations, lawsuits and recalls alone. Not anymore. And we’re just in time.


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